Elliot Montanez
Elliot Montanez
12 Feb 2020

Slum Village’s own Young RJ is making his way onto our website this evening with his brand new joint titled “Pray” featuring Mega Ran. These two emcees are starting to work together more & more due to mutual admiration not only for each other but for the art form of hip-hop. Any true fan of that “old school” type of sound will love this one, there’s something about the great production + the lyricism that mesh so well together, but I suppose that’ what you can expect when two skilled OG’s combine their talents. Rumor has it that these two will be releasing a project together later this year, and I don’t know about you, but I am excited about it! Along with the release of this record, each of these two emcees added quotes about the track:

“I’m just so proud of this project with Young RJ. It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to use my talents for a project that veers more toward traditional mainstream hip-hop. I think RJ and I have a lot to say together and “Pray” is going to say a lot of it, while “2HandsUp” subtly implants those ideas into your brain at some points, and bluntly shouts them into your face at others. We are both really happy with how “Pray” came out and with 2HandsUp,” – Mega Ran

The excitement for this project is mutual…. Mega Ran’s work ethic is crazy, He is a pure lyricist. His talent pushed my production skills up some levels and that’s what I needed. This is a game-changer!” – Young RJ

Produced by Daru