Prada (Remix) – [Rich the Kid] ft. [Polo G]

Rich the Kid is a name that shouldn’t be unfamiliar to any fan of rap music, and while I feel like he hasn’t gotten the respect he deserves since releasing singles like “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk” quite some time ago, he is still on his grind, making money as well as some awesome new music that day one fans still enjoy on the daily. Earlier this summer, he dropped off a song entitled “Prada” as well as a music video that has over one and a half million views, and this low-key banger is another incredible addition to his sonic repertoire, so it has been a song I’ve revisited time and time again since it came out.

While the Spaceking and ADHD-produced song is full of haunting piano keys, energetic percussion, and booming drums, Rich makes sure to use this as a launching pad for his always entertaining personality and energy to shine through. Luckily, he wasn’t done with having fun with this one and actually decided to get Chicago’s very own Polo G on the remix in order to add a new spin on the already remarkable track. When it comes to remixes, I usually enjoy hearing a new verse from the original artist as well, and even though Rich keeps his verse and hook exactly the same, I haven’t grown even close to getting tired of the original, so I can’t argue with his consistency in the remix.

At the same time, though, Polo uses this creeping instrumental incredibly well, boasting some very assertive bars that might not quite match the elevated enthusiasm that Rich brings, but his insistency makes sure you’re captivated throughout the whole thing. His hard-hitting bars and aggressive tone truly take this record to new heights, making it an even better song than the original in my opinion, and because of this, the “Prada (Remix)” is a track you’re definitely going to want to tune into, especially if you’re already a fan of the original record.