You may not have ever heard of Brockton, MA as a musical powerhouse of any sort, but trust me when I say that it’s home to many of the dopest rising artists in the Massachusetts scene. Three of these artists are Lord Felix, Marvelous Stefan, and LoLoTheGod. Introducing themselves to those who don’t know, their newest collaboration track “POWER” is a perfect look into the immense talent of each one. The single begins with a highly-entertaining verse from Lord Felix, aggressive yet incredibly lyrical in its aggravated deliveries, and definitely one that had me clicking replay over and over. Following up, Marvelous Stefan comes through with a hard-hitting set of bars to end the track that points to clever wordplay to fuel its energy and intricate flows to find its identity along the way. With this being said, the unifying element of “POWER” comes from the production via LoLoTheGod. It’s gritty as hell and curiously dark, fitting seamlessly with the style of each artist on the song. If you’re looking for new talent to pay attention to, we’ve got it right here for you. Listen to “POWER” below.