I’ve already said so much about ITSOKTOCRY that you’d think it would be hard for me to keep raving about him, but he’s one of the most unique artists in the entire industry that you simply can’t run out of words and praise for the Denver native. Nothing about him is characteristic in the best possible way, and the fact that you never know what he’s going to deliver when he drops something new is the reason why I’ve been coming back for more every time he releases a song, video, or project.

His initial installment of POSHBOY was an undeniable hit, and ever since that came out, fans were waiting with bated breath as they anticipated the project’s sequel. Luckily, the wait came to a close late last week, POSHBOY 2 is finally in our laps, and I couldn’t be any happier to share it with you, just like I couldn’t be any more excited for the incredible records that come with the tape. On this project, we’re gifted 12 brand-new songs and a runtime of just under a half-hour long, and every single track packs a punch, unlike anything you’ll hear all year.

He opens up on a high note with “I wish the world ended in 2012”, and although the title might seem dark, the high-paced qualities within the record itself are anything but depressed. Mischievous flutes create a captivating melody that comes together with chattering percussion and hard-hitting 808s that creates another interesting foundation for CRY to do his thing. He rotates through his various personalities, sometimes using the high-pitched, shrill delivery that he has become known for while at other moments he lowers the tone of his voice and shows off the diversity he has provided countlessly throughout his career.

After one of the project’s singles “get a clue!”, we’re introduced to the tape’s first feature in Ned Kelly on “pyromania” as he takes the brunt of the track with a hook and a verse. He sounds somewhat similar to CRY with a bit more normalcy behind his sound, bringing things back slightly closer to Earth before CRY comes in for the second verse and sends things right back into outer space. The next two songs, “opal bones” and “murakami soulja’, he takes for himself, showing off even more sides to his artistry that I was honestly previously unaware of. The first of the two is a bit more characteristic of him, but that means through all of his individualistic deliveries and unheard-of lyricism, it’s a song that’s more inventive than anything anyone else is making throughout the industry.

As for the second, CRY uses loud, powerful synths and speaker busting 808s as a base to show off another sound that’s as enthralling as it is masterful. His voice sounds a bit more Punk-ish than what I’ve heard from him in the past, and although he slows down his cadence slightly, he stretches out his words effortlessly and extraordinarily. “mirror shopping” provides a bit more haste and attitude to the project as heavy guitar chords and claps enter into the picture, giving CRY and his two features in 93FEETOFSMOKE and GRANDMA the perfect groundwork to show off yet another side of themselves.

On “nylon vision”, the production is reminiscent of an old school ‘80s beat that CRY actually full-on sings over, ditching some of his typical vocal effects to prove that he doesn’t need them in order to thrive. As soon as I heard this beat and saw that Austin Skinner was featured, I knew he was going to kill his part of this song, and my presumptions were correct considering he provided some calm, melodious vocals that opposed yet worked with CRY’s portions seamlessly.

A few songs later, we arrive at the “Viagra Remix” which features one of my favorite artists David Shawty. I was already a huge fan of 909Memphis’s verse on the original track but hearing David’s new and original spin on the hit song was as welcomed as it was insane. When David comes in, he begins with his unworldly style that sounds as robotic and digital as ever, and although it’s not a sound that you’ll probably ever hear on the radio, that fact almost makes it even better because you feel like you’re in on one of the most fascinating secrets in music.

After another single that came out just a couple of weeks ago, the project comes to a close with “encore”, an almost EDM-sounding track that boasts numerous vocal chops, piercing drums, and wild noises that are as chaotic and hectic as you might expect after making your way through the mixtape, and it does a fantastic job of ending things on a high note, sending you on your way, but not for too long because you’re going to find yourself wanting to return and listen to this project countless more times moving forward.

While I didn’t go into heavy detail about every single song, I had to keep my descriptions somewhat concise otherwise I would be going on all day about all of the little intricacies that are included throughout the tape. Not a single song sounds similar to anything else on the project yet they all somehow fit with one another and piece together to create a brilliantly cohesive body of work. CRY’s work is insane but it’s also beyond commendable because I can’t even begin to imagine how his creative process works considering he never even slightly copies anyone else’s sound, and individuality can often be very difficult for many other artists in music. It’s tough to even find the words that can describe this project perfectly, but I basically felt like I was implanted into a video game that was based in an alternate universe and ITSOKTOCRY just kept leveling up with every additional song that played. Although I know my words simply can’t do this mixtape justice, it’s one of those projects you just have to hear for yourself in order to fully appreciate, so don’t miss out on POSHBOY 2 by ITSOKTOCRY, because it’s bound to be one of the most creative and unique projects you’ll hear all year.