Portra 400 – [VICTOR!]

It’s been a minute since we last heard from VICTOR!—the 17-year-old songwriter out of Chicago’s been busy headlining shows and working on his forthcoming project ‘2000’ for the past few months. This weekend, though, VICTOR! decided to gift fans with a new single released via Urban Outfitters’ new music arm. “Portra 400” encapsulates a moment of teenage nostalgia; as VICTOR! puts it, it’s “a song about wanting someone back that can only be found in old photographs”. The title itself pays homage to the longstanding color film by Kodak, getting at the ability of photographs to freeze people and emotions in time for us to revisit later on. On the production side of things, VICTOR! shows glimpses of a new direction and sound he’s been working on, incorporating Michael Jackson-inspired drums that drive the track into a steady bop. Stream “Portra 400” below, and look out for more from VICTOR! soon: