For a change of pace from your rap needs, I highly suggest pressing play on “Poison” the new single from Lyrical Lemonade newcomer, Allan Rayman.

The Canadian crooner started out his career with a more atmospheric, R&B-leaning style, but with his 2018 album, Harry Hard-On, he has transitioned into a grungier, rock-centered sound. “Poison” is an extension of that style, and personally, I think it’s his best alternative-leaning offering yet. His smoky, guttural vocals give the song its texture and weight, but Allan does a great job of not going too far with it, balancing the darkness and grit with a catchy chorus and crisp,guitar-driven production. 

No word on a larger project yet, but Allan is gearing up for a North American run, and, as you can imagine, his music translates so well to a live setting, so be sure to catch him on tour if you can. 

Produced by Moose, Myles “Losh” Schwartz & Andrew Dawson