Plz Don’t Tell Your Friends I Cried-[Luke Wild]

I have a handful of favorite artists right now and one person that is among them is none other than Luke Wild. A few moths ago, I had the chance to see the LA-based talent play live at the Echo and it’s safe to say that I became a full-fledged fan from the moment he began his 30 minute set. To this day, I still find myself replaying the video footage I have of that night and reliving the entrancing performance that Luke gave us. There are just certain artists who were born to be stars and this talented individual who I have the pleasure of writing about today most definitely falls into that category.

Luke Wild makes it onto our page for his brand new song called, “Plz Don’t Tell Your Friends I Cried” and it truly might be the song of the week for me. The two minute and eighteen second offering wastes no time in encapsulating listeners in Luke’s nostalgic influences mixed with his new school flavor. Throughout the entire song, Luke manages to equally shine a light on his unique vocals, impressive songwriting and dynamic production; all pieces that contribute to his greatness.

There is extensive replay value within this song, so make sure you add this one to the top of your playlist and and run it up as much as you can. Luke’s energy is a gift to this music industry and I’m so glad I have the chance of unearthing this gem for you all today! Enjoy!