Playa Chanel – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Young Thug]

It seems weird to me when a couple of weeks go by and I. haven’t written about a new Lil Gotit release. I’m not sure if that speaks to his work ethic as an artist or my fandom as a listener, but either way, I know that I’m not going to stop writing as long as he doesn’t stop making music. Thankfully, now that his album Top Chef Gotit is out for us all to take in and appreciate, there’s going to be plenty more content with regards to music videos and things to support the project, so I couldn’t be more excited for the near future for Gotit. Recently, though, he decided to team up once again with the legendary Young Thug in order to bring their song “Playa Chanel” to life, which also happens to be one of my very favorite cuts off of the album.

Directed by Never Panic, the scene is set on a very dark, rainy night as security cameras seem to capture broken glass, bringing all of the elements of trouble to the forefront of the video. Gotit ends up pulling up to a house with a lovely lady in the middle of this storm, hopping out and joining a lowkey party with a bunch of women, Thugger of course, and his brother Lil Keed. When Thug comes in for his verse, though, we’re taken to a different part of the home where he chills on a couch with some of these ladies and the one and only Gunna, before we also get a look into what appears to be his office. From here, things end up wrapping up before you know it, bringing everything to an end in the blink of an eye.

Going into this video, I was excited from the moment I pressed play because the way they set the scene made it feel like there were going to be some ominous, scary events happening throughout. While these never came to fruition, I love the fact that Gotit never tackles his visuals alone and always brings out some of his notorious counterparts as well, so seeing Keed and Gunna join him once again alongside Thugger as well was definitely a nice touch. While I can’t wait to continue listening to Top Chef Gotit for the foreseeable future, I highly suggest checking out the “Playa Chanel” video as well for some awesome new Lil Gotit content.