Today we have an EP of astronomical proportions, interplanetary artist a4 released his debut project Planet4 to the human population. On paper, a4 is from the West Coast of Canada but rumor has it he crash-landed on Earth from Planet4 years ago. His music definitely has an out of this world feel to it, spacy beats mixed with autotune laced vocals that create for a sound that can only be influenced by extraterrestrials.

Planet4 spans four tracks long but with a small sample size, it is the perfect offering to see just the type of artist a4 is. “Dynamite” and “Rackades” start the project out with beats that are incredibly atmospheric, allowing a4 to glide all over the sporadic production. The EP closes out with the lead single “Reasons” that features his fellow Secret Sound Club members KILLY and SEGA. a4 is one of the few member’s of the elusive Secret Sound Club imprint founded by KILLY.

Stream Planet4 on all platforms here!