Pink Roses – [SportVVS]

Since appearing on the LL site back in 2020, Maryland’s own SportVVS has been making some very impactful moves in the game and is easily becoming one of my favorite artists who will soon have a huge rise to fame. Delivering tons of solo sounds and stellar guest verses as well, SportVVS is letting it be known that he is here to stay, and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Dropping off yet another banger, SportVVS is here to premiere his latest video, “Pink Roses”.

Every so often, I come across one of those songs that I know is going to be a hit as soon as I press play. Well, this is one of those songs. Immediately, after hearing the 80’s inspired sample in the beginning, I just knew that the rest of the song would be a banger. With a flow of his own and a style that suits him perfectly, “Pink Roses” is a song that is guaranteed to be put in constant rotation for a long time.

Speaking to SportVVS about his career, he states:

“I feel like I’m just different. Especially coming from the underground scene and being where I’m from. My sound is refreshing because it can’t be boxed in like most artists. Not many people are trying to make real songs anymore. Right now in my career it’s all about having fun and providing positive vibes, but in the future my focus will be to take my brand to a whole nother level. When I speak, I want to impact lives. I’m going to be the biggest artist on the planet.” 
Watch the live rendition of “Pink Roses” below!