Pick Sides – [Heffie]

The narrative that “SoundCloud is dead” is a dangerous blanket statement. With communities of artists from Summrs to Lil Tecca, Autumn!, ssgkobe, and so much more, SoundCloud still fosters several flourishing pockets of music. In fact, not only are these artists seeing strong loyalty from dedicated SoundCloud followings, but they’re also experiencing notable cross-platform growth between SoundCloud and Instagram. The fans are there, they’re listening to the music, and furthermore, they’re following the artists, noting SoundCloud’s strong infrastructure for music discovery, even today.

One artist showing strong promise out of the SoundCloud world is New Jersey’s Heffie. Just 16 years old, Heffie’s fervent sense of melody is a standout in the SoundCloud community that he exists in, and quite honestly, feels like it could easily translate to even larger crowds. The budding talent’s most recent release, “Pick Sides,” is a personal favorite, and one that pairs Heffie’s emotive songwriting and strong vocal presence with stellar, piano-driven production at the hands of Ran.

With an artistic ability that exceeds what one might expect from a 16-year-old, Heffie is clearly a talent to watch, and “Pick Sides” is the song to keep on repeat. Check this one out below and remember, never count out SoundCloud!