Phone Off – [Corio]

It’s no so often in this current climate that we are blessed with much musical talent that comes out of Kentucky. With the success of Louisville megastars Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow, they have been bringing that energy to the state, and is inspiring plenty of up and coming artists from there. That said, Kentucky-based artist Corio is coming for his spot in the game, and has been showing some very promising signs of potential very early on in his musical career. Making his debut today on the platform, Corio recently released his soothing single “Phone Off”.

Adding a little bit of backstory, Corio has been closely working with Nemo, the A&R that has been working with Jack Harlow. That being the case, we can assure that his sound will be developed to its full capacity. Produced by Juicebox, “Phone Off” is the perfect balance between a late-nigh cruising song, and a record to throw on at the function when things are winding down and those conversations are beginning to take place. Corio sings about a situation where he feels that his love interest is partaking in multiple relationships at once. Disregarding that, Corio sings to her and tell her to turn her phone off, as she will enjoy her time with him than anybody else. When speaking on behalf of the record and its creation, Corio mentioned:

“This track is based on true events. I was involved with this woman who I strongly believe was in a relationship while entertaining me. The record conveys everything that did or eventually would have happened had things played out to the end.”

While not having much material out, I can go as far as saying that he is someone that I will continue to keep on my radar. With Kentucky being on a run right now, as well as working with an amazing A&R, Corio’s spot in the game will definitely be reserved for him.

Stream “Phone Off” below and be sure to connect with him on Twitter!