Peachtree – [BabyTron]

I know that I am always writing about artists in Detroit typically more than once a week, but if you’re tapped in with the Michigan rap scene, you know exactly why I am so obsessed with these emcees. While I first found out about a plethora of names that would then put me onto other local talents from the area, I was admittedly late to the party when it came to BabyTron. It wasn’t because he didn’t have the skills, which he so clearly does, but it was mainly because he was blazing his own trail and not really working too closely with the other artists whom I had familiarized myself with and become a fan of.

Once I saw his name pop up more than a few times in a single day on social media, though, that’s when I knew I had to finally listen up, and as soon as I heard just one song, I knew I was going to be an instant fan right off the bat. He is in a similar lane as his other Motor City counterparts in terms of output, but his lyricism and all-out creativity seem to match them and even take it up a notch at times which has truly helped him stand out amongst the rest of the city.

As I saw him gearing up to release his new project Megatron, I was super pumped to hear what he had in store, but now that this tape is out for the world to hear, I was even more excited to find out that there were 23 songs lasting over an hour long, and that much new Tron music is more than enough to entertain me for decades, let alone a few months. While there is just too much innovative brilliance to encapsulate in a single article, I figured I’d focus on his song “Peachtree” because it arrived on the album alongside a Krispy Kam-shot music video that is as good as ever.

No matter how massive BabyTron might get, he is the one emcee who I feel will always stick to his roots and avoid too many frills, so although this music video might seem pretty minimalistic and simple, Tron doesn’t need any crazy settings, expensive sets, or a ton of time-consuming edits to make sure that the visual is a smash hit. Instead, he resorts to modest shots and animations of credit cards, Call of Duty edits, and rapid camera transitions to bring even more individuality to this offering.

I am beyond excited to dive into Megatron even more than the brief run through I have already completed, but I know it’s going to be filled to the brim with hits and the “Peachtree” music video is just another bonus for fans to enjoy while making their way through the one-of-a-kind sonic landscape that BabyTron continues to paint with his intricate lyrics and captivating persona.