Patient – [Jake Daniels]

I love music for so many different reasons, as most people do. Sometimes I love it for the story, for the beat, or for the fact that most of the music I hear is being brought to life by artists in such a perfect way, I know it’s something I could never do myself. Beyond this, whether I’m listening to a love song, a party anthem, a song full of aggression or ignorance, or anything in between, I’ve never heard a piece of music that hasn’t evoked some sort of emotional reaction within myself, and that’s something that I don’t realize as often as I probably should.

Most recently, I was put onto an artist by the name of Jake Daniels, and his music blew me away pretty much right off the bat. It’s a bit different than what I typically find myself tuning into because I’m usually more into the upbeat, fast-paced style of music, but after clicking play on his latest song “Patient”, I knew that he was a unique talent that I had to pay attention to. I’m not sure who produced this record, but they did a lovely job of incorporating some emotive, heart-string-pulling melodies with a bit of a bouncier drumline that is more reminiscent of some Pop records that have found a home on various radio stations across the country.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is the absence of autotune in his voice, and although this might not seem like a huge deal to some, I find it harder and harder to find someone with as spectacular of a voice as Jake without using at least a hint of the voice-altering software. This also contributes to a clear and concise message that is unperturbed and singular, allowing his message to come through without any sort of interruptions or disturbances. Although the entire song just rides out and vibes, one of my favorite parts has to come during the hook. At the very moment he goes into the chorus, there is a background layer of vocals that is pitched up as if he’s duetting with someone else, and the way the two vocal layers come together just draw you in one hundred perfect and provide such complexity to an otherwise simplistic and straightforward hit.

When I got a little more information on this record, it turns out that the purpose of it was to describe how dating in the present day and age that we’re in can be a struggle considering many traditional forms of socializing seem to be making their way out. He goes into topics like the problems he has forming actual, long-lasting relationships, putting yourself out there just for the other person to not reciprocate, and the difficulties of waiting to see if the other person is leading you on for their own personal benefit or if the connection is real. Obviously, these are typical struggles that almost everyone goes through at some point in their lives, so Jake does an awesome job of discussing them in such an artistic, serene fashion on “Patient”, which is undeniably a song you need to check out as soon as you find some time.