Past The Moon – [Cyrax]

Many artists of ahead of their time, seeing their influence on music go to new heights by younger artists that took inspiration and ran with it. An artist I always point to in terms of being on a wave way before it became popular is Cyrax of Divine Council. With two classics in his Stay Active series, Cyrax rarely often misses when it comes to his releases. Boasting a futuristic style from the jump, Cyrax’s effortless delivery consistently shines on any track he puts out. Now, we haven’t had new music from him in some time but last week he blessed us with a fresh hit titled “Past The Moon”.

This laid-back cut has Cyrax in his element, gliding over a dreamy beat and utilizing the vocal chops that put him above most other artists in the lane. The music video for this record are some of Cyrax’s best visuals to date. I am a huge fan of when an artist creates visuals that perfectly match the vibe of the song, Cyrax in a digitized, psychedelic forest couldn’t be a more fitting setting for a song like this.

Since it’s been some time since Cyrax has dropped new music, this video and song should be a strong indicator of what’s to come the rest of the year. Don’t be surprised if you start to see Cyrax’s name more frequently, he’s coming for what’s his!

Watch the video for “Past The Moon!” below!!

Produced by @prodbyjunio + @1velveteen

Video by @mynamejerm + @nitetive