Passion Of The Cross – [Jaden Anthony]

As someone who is knee-deep in music and hundreds of thousands of artists as myself, you get a hell of a lot of recommendations. Most of them are promising to be the next this or that or claiming to be something you’ve never heard before. Some of these claims happen to be true though so I try to do my due diligence checking out as many people as I can even if I don’t have the time to write about everyone. Jaden Anthony was one of the suggestions that broke through with me and I believe this 19-year-old kid has a special talent and could be ready to take the next step sometime next year. Jaden is a dancer, American singer, and songwriter stemming from Oakland, California. The Oakland crooner infuses elements ranging from pop, r&b, hip-hop, rock, blues, and funk into his music. Normally when someone is this year and has a sound that’s this well developed you can normally tell that they’ve been making music for a while. In Jaden’s case, he started making music at 8 and started recording himself since he was 13 years old. On ‘Passion Of The Cross’ Jaden touches on heavy topics such as his relationship with God, relationships with other people, his life and trials and tribulations he’s had to overcome as he continues to grow.

Stream Jaden Anthony’s project ‘Passion Of The Cross’ after the break below.