Reaux Marquez returns with the music video counterpart to his megaphone-lead single, “Pass Go.”  The drum-lead percussion that first caught my attention on this record jumps through the screen of the new video that brings to life the revolutionary-energy bolstered by the in-your-face-production and lyrics.

A previously unheard brass-trio introduces the visual with a chaotic yet organized jazz medley before the pounding knock of the song’s drums begin to hit. What ensues is a frenzy of subliminal images of Marquez and company channeling the style and energy of the Black Panther political organization of the 1960s. Occupying the streets of his hometown neighborhood of Bordeaux in Nashville, Tennessee, Marquez delivers a stoic performance delivering the grit of each bar with an extra dash of fervor. “Pass Go” is a single with too much energy to be contained sonically, making the visual accompaniment a resounding success in its ability to bottle the electricity resonated by the record.

This is Reaux Marquez’s second music video to date, following in the monochromatic footsteps of his previously released single, “Exhale.” Watch the new video for “Pass Go” below, stream the single here and show the rising artist your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.