Party Pack – [Lil Perc]

Ever since I first watched Memphis rapper Lil Perc’s unforgettable debut visual for his song “M523” I have not been able to stop listening because of his effortless sense of humor and rapid-fire wordplay over a beat that can be best described as Memphis meets Detroit, delivered through in a stoned and nonchalant demeanor where you can’t tell if his tone is sarcastic or just a product of well, his name. His most recent video “Party Pack” is another banger where Perc flexes his effortless rapping ability, gliding over this simple but thumping piano-powered instrumental. “Party Pack” has quite a few memorable lyrics ranging from “thought she was bad but that hoe fried, I’m stickin’ dick in that hoe for a ride,” “I told you I love you but baby I lied, I’m high as fuck look like I just cried,” or the line that likely made everyone do a double take, “I’m on the block poppin’ 30’s let’s have a H off.” Anyone who knows anything about Memphis knows that people in Memphis are just simply funnier than people from just about anywhere else and the fact that Lil Perc is easily the funniest rapper after two videos is saying quite a lot.