Paradise Lost – [Yung Lean] ft. [Ant Wan]

For more years than I even realize, Yung Lean has been an absolute star, trendsetter, and tastemaker, but in the grand scheme of things, I know that I was late to the party considering I hopped on the bandwagon only about four or five years ago. I mean, I knew he was a big deal but the fact that he was able to make such a splash in the scene in the United States all the way from Sweden, which wasn’t nearly as easy to do back then as it is now, that’s something that I have to tip my cap to.

I also don’t know if I even fully grasped his notoriety until he announced a show in Chicago months from now in December, and even though I was waiting right on time to buy tickets, they instantly sold out, leaving me ticket-less and sad, but excited for his accomplishments at the same time. His album Stardust was yet another insanely addicting collection of spacey hits, and while I enjoyed every track as well as all of the features as well, I was definitely super thrilled to see that he dropped a video for his song “Paradise Lost” featuring Ant Wan.

Directed by Marcus Söderlund, Lean takes us down yet another rabbit hole of creativity and unique sceneries which always leaves me at a loss for words as I write about these settings, but I love the way that his inventiveness stumps my vocabulary. Basically, he shares a few different scenes, sometimes in a room full of blank televisions and candles, while other times he and Ant are in an empty chapel-inspired room with various additional shots mixed in.

All the while, he is wearing a variety of different individualistic outfits that get wilder and wilder with each additional wardrobe change, ultimately ending this video in a way that leaves me perplexed and at a loss for words yet again. What I think this means is, you know it’s going to be good if you’re into any of his other videos, so make sure you don’t sleep on the visual for “Paradise Lost” for even another second.