Paradise – [Ash Leone]

Once Ash Leone started dropping music under her new artist project, I instantly knew that this girl was going to be a force in the industry. With the latest release of her song “Paradise”, Ash just continues to prove me right in every way. There’s a select group of artists who have the ability to make anything they sing on sound amazing and Ash is in that group. Her soulful and striking vocals are second to none and soon enough, the whole world is going to take notice.

This brand new offering by the 23 year old is a ballad that needs to be played more than once. The emotion and sincerity Ash sings with cannot be absorbed in just one sitting, which will cause you to throw this one on repeat for a while. The track details the relatable feeling of realizing that the special someone you once held near and dear is now someone you need to leave in the past. Ash articulates this feeling extremely well over stellar production and heart-cutting lyrical content.

Ash killed this one, just like she kills everything she decides to drop. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “Paradise”. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!