NYC-based artist Papi Shiitake drops wildly creative visual to his latest single “Punch Buggy”

My 2022 New Year’s resolution was to push my listening library beyond my comfortable norm, and NYC-based artist Papi Shiitake is helping me do just that. His latest release, and the first piece I’d heard of his, “Punch Buggy” (co-composed with Ryan Seilloff) is a light, hypnotic track that only exudes feel-good energy, much like the visual directed by Bill Dvorak McCormick does.

Papi spoke on the easter egg-filled sci-fi production, saying “I love cheesy action movies and I always wanted to do a sci-fi video with aliens.” That vision and idea were fulfilled, with McCormick compiling a wildly creative representation of how this song should be accompanied visually. He incorporates references to Zelda and Star Wars while using a vibrant color palette to really make the retro, fun feel that’s portrayed.

His latest album Wabi-Sabi just released as well, offering some already successful singles combined with brand new tracks to make up a 10-song project that features a wide spectrum of sounds. Papi’s style is one that’s hard to compare to others, with influences seemingly coming from all corners of the music industry. The variety in his musical influences is apparent the more you listen to his work, which will allow him to keep growing his following and expanding genre borders.

I’m excited to dig further into Papi Shiitake’s discography and hear what distinctive sounds he can dream of in the future. Check out “Punch Buggy” on YouTube below!