Paper – [El Jubo] feat. [Zaytoven]

If theres anyone who would know which artists are up next, it would be the producers of the game. Of course, the A&Rs are the real talent scouts and work with artist development, but the producers are among that group as well, as many of them have a wide array of artist that they have worked with, and they know what sounds good. Grammy award-winning and legendary music producer Zaytoven is one of those who are very tapped in, and not just in his hometown of Atlanta. We all know by now what he can do for the artists of his city, but he’s adding a lot more to his arsenal. Virginia-native El Jubo receives a major co-sign from Zaytoven on his latest track, titled “Paper”.

For those unfamiliar with El Jubo, he has been pretty active for the past few years when it comes to the music. As far as 2020 goes, he released a few singles such as “Problems” and my personal favorite, “Right here”. His talent and efforts allowed his music to be noticed by Zaytoven and earned him one of the biggest looks of his career thus far. As solidified as Zaytoven is, we know that he normally doesn’t put his stamp on just anything, so to see him shine some light on El Jubo definitely has him on my radar now. Tapping in with another Virginia-native, producer Don Kevo handles the beat on this record with the perfect mix of rhythmic 808’s and a soft synth in the background. While he currently has not dropped a project since 2019, “Paper” definitely caught my attention and I will be closely seeing what he has been cooking up and what will be coming this year.

Catch a vibe with El Jubo’s “Paper” below!