Pallbearers – [Kuttem Reese]

The Florida rap scene has been absolutely booming over the past year or two, but it seems like it’s taking a while for the rest of the country to catch on. It reminds me a lot of the Michigan scene as well because until Lil Yachty went up there to put the rest of the country on, it seemed like a very niche and close-knit community of fans that were ride or die, but everyone else was sleeping. This is what has happened in Florida as well, but the number of talented acts emerging is literally countless, and every single day a new artist rises from the shadows, it seems.

While emcees like Kodak Black, Hotboii, and 9lokknine are some of the more notable names coming out of the southern region, Kuttem Reese is a talent who I’ve become very familiar with, and I feel like he just continues to get better with every new release he puts out. While Reese is still on the prowl to be the next big thing from Orlando, he’s making another strong case with his latest song “Pallbearers” which is undeniably a song you need to check out immediately as well as the Directed By Ghost music video.

As soon as you press play, frantic synths begin to tiptoe in the distance before crashing percussion and thunderous 808s enter into the scene, giving Reese the perfect vigorous foundation that he needs to show off his skills. While I’ve heard other songs by him that seem to portray him almost as this menacing, demonic figure with the way his words just ooze out of his mouth, but in this one, he almost takes a step back and blatantly states violent and hostile bars without elevating his energy too much, which almost comes through as more aggressive and frightful than ever before.

Beyond this, his ad-libs add another layer of assault to this hit, and Reese’s personality is on full display, which screams the fact that he’s not one to even think about messing with. I can’t get enough of Kuttem Reese’s music because it’s familiar yet unique at the same time and “Pallbearers” is no different, making it a record as well as a music video you need to peep as soon as possible.