Fredo Bang has appeared on our website in the past as a featured artist but today he is making his own solo appearance on our website with his brand new mixtape titled “Pain Made Me Numb”. I have heard a ton about Fredo Bang over the past few months but this new mixtape was the first time that I sat down and took time out to give his material my upmost attention, and after listening to the sixteen songs provided a couple of times through I was very pleased with the final product. When you listen to Fredo Bang you can hear the grit & will to succeed in his voice, he never wastes a bar + often times will reminisce about the hardships he has gone through in the past, the best example of that being the title track. Although Fredo Bang can get more in-depth & introspective on some of his songs, don’t for a second think that he doesn’t have bass knocking slappers on this tape, because he really excels in that category & provided plenty of bops on this project. Fredo Bang is very talented and he is someone who I am going to keep a close eye on going into 2020, do yourself a favor + stream this mixtape below.

features from DJ Chose, DreamDoll, Derez De’Shon