Over and Over – [909Memphis]

It has been quite some time since I covered a 909Memphis song for no other reason other than the fact that I’ve just been so busy recently. Nonetheless, I’ve still been tuning in and listening to every single song he has dropped recently, and some of my regular OG readers know just how deep my admiration for Memphy runs. He’s simply one of the most unique artists out, whether you’re looking at the mainstream or the underground, and it still amazes me how people can somehow still sleep on him.

About a month ago, I saw that he released a song called “Over and Over”, and after tuning in, I made it an absolute priority to share it with the world to the best of my abilities. David Morse brought this instrumental to life with some very soothing, meaningful electric guitar riffs that are complemented nicely with consistently tapping percussion and soothing drums that provide a nice, bouncy foundation that Memphis absolutely destroys. As he begins to sing, there’s an obvious sentiment behind his words that makes it clear that he’s singing about real experiences and things that are familiar to him.

On top of this, there are numerous lines where he almost twinges his notes at the end of each bar in a way that I’ve never heard anyone else pull off, almost sounding like how the whammy bar on a guitar sounds when holding out a chord. Although he contentiously raises and lowers the enthusiasm behind his vocals, there is a moment later on in the track where his cadence almost sounds like a call and answer flow, and this is the part that I feel was the true pinnacle of the song.

Although I’ve been bumping this song regularly over the past month, I was beyond happy to find out that he decided to team up with Klumsy to create an awesome new visual in order to breathe new life into the record. As it begins, 909 can be seen inside some abandoned building covered from floor to ceiling in graffiti. While this is the main setting, he and the director use many different rooms and even head up to the roof to get different shots, making the most of their surroundings in the most imaginative and powerful ways. Aside from this, there seems to be this dark, gloomy filter that overtakes each shot and combines with the vibe of the song nicely as well as certain animations such as lightning strikes that all come together for an absolutely remarkable music video.

I might be partial to 909Memphis considering I’ve been a fan for literally close to 5 years, but this might be one of his best songs in recent memory. It not only has a powerful message as he shares his emotion and heart with the world, but it also contains an amazing bounce that makes it ingestible by any and all fans of music, hip-hop or not. This also might just be one of his cleanest visuals to date, which is awesome to see because it truly turns it into a one-two punch that is essential for you to check out. Considering I’ve known Memphy for so long, I know he’s not about to let up on the gas even slightly, so make sure you pay attention to all the moves he’s going to be making as time goes on and definitely check out the unquestionably extraordinary music video for his hit song “Over and Over” as soon as you possibly can.