Houston star Aaron May continues his rise with “Outside Looking In”

Firstly, I want to mention that my guy Brandon has already written up the opening track of this EP, “What It Take,” which happens to be my favorite joint on the project, so check out a more in-depth look at that piece here.

Beyond that track, this EP just further reinforces the idea that this independent Houston mogul is on his way to mainstream stardom. Only four songs in length, it’s refreshing to see artists be selective in their tracklists, being that these four pieces are all absolutely perfect representations of his talent. A professor of rhythm and flow, Aaron May supplements those facets of his game with raw melodies and vocals that separate him from many of the artists we listen to on an everyday basis.

Aaron is no newcomer to the site, and rightfully so. I wrote on the project prior to this one (No Recognition), a masterpiece that ballooned his following and solidified his status.

This EP just adds ammo to his claim for greatness, and I’ll continue to be an avid listener. My favorite pieces on the EP were tough to decide on, but if I had to choose two to listen to first I’d say “What It Take” and “Where I’m From.”

Check out Outside Looking In on Spotify below!