Outerspace – [Skodi]

It doesn’t happen very often, but there are times when I listen to a song that an up-and-coming talent puts out and I think to myself, how the hell is this person not world-renowned at this point? I know everyone has their own individual journey and nothing is handed to anyone in. the music industry, but it just boggles my mind that some musicians are slept on the way that they are. Skodi is one of these artists because she has been making some of the most underrated music out right now, and she is consistently innovating her unique style, incorporating more personality and individuality into every single track she puts out.

At the same time, she definitely has a rock-solid foundation thanks to her loyal fanbase, and this has led to various insane performances, most notably as a mainstay on the lineup for Rolling Loud. Skodi definitely has the skills and the persona to be mentioned in the same discussion as other widely recognized emcees, and that is more than obvious on her latest track “Outerspace”.

Produced by Nuri Saberian who has become known for working with well-known names like Robb Bank$, incorporates a very ambient, mysterious melody as well as calm yet piercing percussion and an addicting bassline, providing an instrumental that is as intergalactic as a song with this name should be. Skodi avoids too many bells and whistles in terms of her delivery which I feel like brings the most of her personality out as she casually drops bar after bar with a hint of attitude and a dash of confidence, allowing her flow to be constantly rejuvenated as she rotates through an abundance of cadences.

The instrumental is simplistic yet addicting, and Skodi knows exactly how to handle it in a way that is undeniably charismatic, and I found myself humming along before we even reached the halfway point of the record. “Outerspace” even comes with a self-directed music video with some help from Amanda Martinez as well, making this a release that you’re going to be fully consumed with by the time it reaches its culmination and you have to run it back from the top.