Out Of Love – [Lil Tecca]

If you are even the least bit familiar with Lyrical Lemonade, then you most likely know that we are huge fans of the young legend Lil Tecca, who is back on our site this afternoon with his brand new music video for “Out Of Love”. When you think about this next generation of artists that have been making an impact on the music community lately, Lil Tecca is at the forefront of that conversation, he and his team have put himself in a fantastic position to be a powerhouse for the next couple of decades with the moves that they have made. Lil Tecca has plenty of qualities that help make him stand out, but more than anything, I believe that his relatability is what resonates with his massive fanbase the most. This new visual here finds Lil Tecca rapping his ass off on the verses of this one but then giving a silky smooth + unforgettable melody on the hook, all accompanied by a great visual courtesy of the director Omar Jones. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you see/hear then share this video with a friend or loved one.

Prod. Nick Mira x Taz Taylor x Repko x TheSkyBeats & Saint Luca