Out of Love – [Lil Tecca]

Few artists have stormed the scene and risen to fame quite as quickly and powerfully as Lil Tecca. While he might look like a relatively normal 17-year-old kid from New York, if you saw him without the expensive outfits and shoes, you’d probably think he was just a regular high schooler living an average life. Although he doesn’t have all the face tattoos or anything that seems to be commonplace in music today aesthetically, he has continually grown a fanbase that is unlike anyone else in the industry. There’s no saying if this is due to his infectious sound, easygoing personality, or catchy songs, but it’s most likely a combination of all these things.

Tecca is back and better than ever on the Internet Money-produced single “Out of Love”. The production is built up through endearing piano keys, chattering percussion, and impeccable 808s. Tecca just has a way about his style sonically that makes him sound like he’s always singing even if he’s rapping with his incredibly intricate flows. This harmonious aspect of his voice helps pair with the melodies that are always touching and relatable in his songs. If you’re not entirely sure what I mean, just listen to the chorus. His cadence runs rampant as he spits his bars effortlessly, but it still sounds like he’s carrying a tune even without intentionally doing so. His skills are on full display as he gets into his verse, as he continues this fast-paced delivery in such a way that it sounds as if one line doesn’t even end before a new bar begins.

Although there’s really only one verse and the rest of the song just repeats the chorus and bridges, Tecca manages to keep these otherwise repetitive parts fresh by singing in different pitches, delivering the lines with various flows, and getting more emotional with every word he sings.

When it comes to Lil Tecca’s lyrical content, it’s not unheard of in the slightest for him to talk about his obsession with girls as well as the hardships he faces throughout these relationships. This song is along the same lines as I’m sure you could tell from its title, but it’s less about one person losing love and more about everyone’s love wavering as more fame and money play a part in the rapper’s life. He is kind of making a point that the things people want today are only desired because they’re what everyone else wants or thinks is cool. These people don’t enjoy these things, they just want other people to look at these status symbols and think highly of them. At the end of the day, what I think Tecca is preaching is the fact that individuality is everything and people should embrace the unique and individualistic things they personally enjoy rather than the things that everyone else says you should enjoy.

While I’ve been a fan of Lil Tecca for some time now, he continues to pleasantly surprise me with all of his new music. Whether it’s a song he’s featured on, his own single, or music videos he releases, he has this addicting quality to his sound that almost always guarantees it’ll be a hit no matter the circumstances. I also just enjoy his character because he’s not trying to be someone he’s not. While he might talk about certain themes that are a bit of a stretch from his real life, he doesn’t get carried away and it’s always done to prove a point. Lil Tecca is a smart and creative young artist who has the world in the palm of his hand. There’s no denying he’s going to continue growing and progressing as an artist, so jump on the bandwagon now if you haven’t already. “Out of Love” is a wonderful new song by the New York star, so give it a listen as soon as you get the chance.