Recording artist Amon just released his new album ‘Crescendo’ and a music video for his song “Oprah Friends” to go along with it. The San Diego-native has stayed dedicated to his craft over the past few years, even dropping a song every week in 2016, and his latest work proves that he’s truly come into his own as an artist.

“Oprah Friends” serves as a perfect sampler of what Amon is all about as he hits the track running with slick, quick-witted double entendres and timeless rhyme schemes. His brand of motivational hip-hop hits home with a hook that tempts listeners to chant along, underscored by blissful melodies that are seamlessly infused into his rap style. This track, along with the rest of the album, comes off as impressively polished in its focus, maintaining sonic consistency with the finesse of a seasoned veteran artist. At the same time, though, Amon dodges sounding repetitive on ‘Crescendo’, previewing the breadth of his sound with each track. He described it best himself in the album’s press release, writing, “Such poise, such wisdom, such fun. A perfect balance of righteous and rachet.”

Watch the video for Amon’s “Oprah Friends” and listen to ‘Crescendo’ below: