One Take – [OG Stevo]

When it comes to Chicago, there is always a new talent rising through the ranks on a daily basis. For many artists, they might drop a song that goes crazy in the city and everyone here sings it for a few months, but that just might be the extent of it. When it comes to Rogers Park’s very own OG Stevo, though, he has been dropping off a slew of memorable hits for quite a few years, and even though he just started gaining the attention of a more widespread audience within the past year or two, he is making a case as to why he isn’t going to simply be one of those one-hit wonders that we talk about for one minute and then forget about the next.

In order to back this up, Stevo is back with a brand-new song entitled “One Take” which is just another prime example as to why you need to put some respect on his name if you’re somehow not familiar quite yet. Opening up with a melody that is very familiar and sounds like a sample from another rap song that I’m mad at myself for not being able to remember off the top of my head while writing, chattering percussion and sinister drums come into the picture for a vibe that is as menacing as it is intriguing. When Stevo comes in, he begins his verse with more energy than anyone else I can think of, spitting some enthusiastic bars that are as insistent as they are smooth. While he does let his personality shine through, he never seems to try and overdo things to the point where he comes across as being inauthentic, which is nice because so many other artists seem to wear masks rather than allow their own personalities to be seen.

This entire track shows why Stevo needs to be shown much more respect than he currently gets, but I think fans will slowly yet surely make sure he knows just how much he is appreciated moving forward, so I’m sure he’s enjoying life as it comes to him. While there is a music video that comes with this record shot by OG Films, I wanted to focus mainly on the track itself because that’s when Stevo truly shines. Whether you’re familiar with OG Stevo or not, “One Take” is an unbelievable new song from the Chicago up-and-comer, so make sure you don’t miss out and tune in below.