ONE IN THE SAME (WE ARE) – [Jesse Lucas]

Toronto-based alternative artist Jesse Lucas emerges with an indie rock flavor with elements of 70s psychedelia. The combination of these elements creates a surf-rock experience with a smile that is hypnotizing and funky in all the best ways. Jesse Lucas’ groovy laid back delivery is bop-inducing, leaving a lasting impression that will have you singing its catchy hook, “we’re one in the same girl, we’re one in the same girl.” Although Jesse Lucas is a new name his abstract visual representation, ear-worm hooks combined with a breezy attitude create an alluring package that will keep you interested in what else he has to offer. With the indie space in such a surge, artists like Jesse Lucas are exciting and refreshing to find as he incorporates a bit of spontaneity and unique flavor into a booming scene.

Listen to “ONE IN THE SAME (WE ARE)” by Jesse Lucas below.