There’s something to be said about music that captures more than just an emotion, but a moment – the full package, from feelings to sights, surroundings, thoughts, people, and everything in between. It takes immense cohesivity between songwriting, vocal tones, sonic direction and visuals to do so, but when executed well, you can’t miss it. Massachusetts artist STEFAN THEV has captured just this with his impassioned new offering, “ON THE EDGE WITH YOU.”

Supplied with a matching visualizer, STEFAN’s latest is the kind of sunsoaked, passion-packed release that lends itself perfectly to the fast-approaching summer months. The production – courtesy of PROSWERVEZ – is glittering and breezy, adding a romantic undertone to the release that contextualizes the emotions presented in the lyrics. Tying everything together, STEFAN’s vocals are the melody-tinted puzzle piece that complete this one, driven by emotion but formed by experience.

Add this to a cinematic visualizer that perfectly captures the feeling and sound of the song — not to mention thoughtful songwriting that seamlessly walks the tightrope between personal experience and universal applicability — and you have a must-watch release from a massively talented voice coming out of Massachusetts. STEFAN THEV has taken his time in putting together a cohesive, true-to-self, and complete artistic package, and “ON THE EDGE WITH U” is the yield of such thought, time, and care.

Be sure to check this one out below and be on the lookout for more from STEFAN in the months to come!

Produced by PROSWERVEZ
Visualizer Directed by Isaac Darosa