Old Wop – [CrimePaid PK]

It is pretty well understood at this point that pretty much all artistic trends just go in cycles and much of it has to do with nostalgia, the music artists cut their teeth listening to, etc., and it is very clear within the underground rap undercurrents that the classic, original trap sound dating back to early Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, and even lesser appreciated artists like Ca$hOut all began over a decade ago that was criminally under-appreciated on both a mainstream and critical level. However there have been quite a few artists dabbling with that classic sound, aiming to restore the feeling that this music once provided back in the day while simultaneously approaching it with new flows and styles to build on the artistic achievements of those who came before.

Earlier this week I wrote about OTL Beezy and Max2k10’s collaboration “Go Best Friend” and I have already stumbled on more stainless Max2k10 production, this time for buzzing Nashville rapper CrimePaid PK who came together with Max for PK’s latest HoodrichPlug premiered track “Old Wop” where PK skates over the adequately titled track given the sound of the production. PK shines with his rapid-fire trap bars, managing to both be menacing and clever simultaneously and changes flows with ease and has a great understanding of manipulating his voice bar-by-bar and because of this his music rarely is boring or repetitive. I hope CrimePaid PK can be consistent with his musical output for the rest of this year and definitely need a collab tape between him and Max2k10 after hearing this one.