John Matraia
John Matraia
29 Apr 2019

Old Man Saxon & Cer Spence teamed up and dropped their special collaborative project Goldman Sax last week, something that has supposedly been in the works for quite a few years now. The result is a pretty tight-knit and well-arranged project that almost serves as a time capsule for the two, as you can see the growth of both artists, on the vocal side (Old Man Saxon) and the production side (Cer Spence) throughout the years.

The project starts with the earliest material made, dating back years now, and finishes with a track that had been worked on as recently as this year. The growth is apparent, but none of the tracks feel out of place or behind the others quality-wise. It’s a pretty mellow and smooth listen overall, filled with memorable content along with catchy bars and hooks. The production is spacey but pleasing, featuring live instrumentation sprinkled in.

The project truly has a unique concept, as it shows the growth of two friends over the years. In fact, Old Man Saxon had this to say about it: “The last three songs on the project were made after I had a kid and the first four were made when I was partying. It’s just interesting to me to see how I started to slow down my sound as well as my life at the same time.” It really is a rewarding listen, as you can hear the growth not only musically, but also these two growing as people, reflected in the shifting content as the album continues.

Two of the standouts from the project happen to land on the back end, “Old Times” and “Hasn’t Happened”.  These two tracks feature a slowed down and more mature sound, along with thoughtful lyricism, while both remain catchy tunes featuring great production. The saxophone implemented into “Old Times” produces feelings of nostalgia, and the stellar beat on “Hasn’t Happened” features an infectious lead melody.

Overall, this is without a doubt a special project that belongs in your summer rotation, check it out below and on all streaming services!