A hot topic of conversation in the music world as of late has been the “death of SoundCloud.” In regards to where many listeners are finding new music, sure, this holds merit. However, I don’t know that I would say SoundCloud will ever really “die,” per se, mainly due to its culture-shifting barriers to entry. Nowadays, even while less artists post official new releases on their accounts, more and more talents are beginning to post demos, unreleased cuts, and more — none of which have aggregated over to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Quite clearly, the role of SoundCloud may have changed, but its DIY spirit certainly hasn’t left, just as I continue to find in the form of random gems, the most recent of which goes by “Oh Well” from an artist named Loneli.

2 minutes long, stripped to some vocals and a guitar, “Oh Well” has the sense of homegrown authenticity that so clearly epitomized the SoundCloud platform in the first place. Straight from the heart, the song bleeds emotion in each and every note, even while lacking the polished professionalism that you may hear from a top 10 radio single. However, I’d argue that “Oh Well” does more for the soul than any radio hit ever really could. It’s rough around the edges in the finest of ways, and beautiful in its status as an impeccable, yet relatively undiscovered gem. Loneli is an incredible singer, and a reassuring source of hope that incredible talent is still coming out of random bedrooms all across the country.

That said, be sure to check out “Oh Well” below, and be on the lookout for more from Loneli in the future. With raw talent and passion to attest, the budding talent is more than ready for her moment.