SATICA just released her EP titled ‘dear april, ily’ last month, and throughout her sophomore project, the importance of home to the Long Beach-raised songwriter becomes a resounding theme. This theme comes through most poignantly on “Ode to LBC”— a tribute to the Cambodian immigrant community SATICA grew up in with a new music video to go with it.

It’s almost impossible to dig into an artist’s earliest music without finding some work dedicated to the place they come from, and it’s in these odes to home that a listener or viewer can gain a better sense of how that artist’s sound and character have developed. On “Ode to LBC”, SATICA reps her home and the people she grew up around with an undeniable mix of pride and nostalgia. Her voice sounds almost on the verge of breaking as she reminisces about significant moments from her childhood, and then she gains strength on the song’s heartfelt hook, almost as if realizing that she can always go back and recreate the memories that have made her into the person she is today. It’s a universal feeling made personal by candid, intimate anecdotes that she has woven into the song’s verses.

The video feels almost like a compilation of home videos, following SATICA as she makes her way around her hometown and reunites with friends. As the visual concludes, SATICA not only leaves viewers with a greater sense of where she comes from but also with a deeper appreciation of how going home can sometimes be therapeutic. Watch the video for SATICA’s “Ode to LBC” below, and listen to her new EP here.