Tyler Herro – [Jack Harlow]

Jack Harlow is one of the biggest new artists in the music world but that’s common knowledge at this point, he has set a solid foundation to have a successful music career for decades to come, and he’s only breaking down barriers for fellow musical talents from the city of Louisville. It’s always hard for artists to follow up their big hit records such as the one that Jack had with “What’s Poppin”, but Jack has put out nothing but heat since then, and today he is back with my FAVORITE song from him to date, titled “N’sync (Tyler Herro)”. In my opinion, this record here has some of Jack’s best wordplay + flows that he has shown us yet, he absolutely tore apart the amazing instrumental and created an anthem that his fanbase is going to love. This is one of those records that is going to be considered a classic when we look back on Jack’s catalog in twenty years, no doubt about it. Stream this brand new offering below!