Daveed Diggs and his clipping. outfit has a new full-length album dropping in October, titled There Existed an Addiction to Blood. This should already be exciting news, but if you aren’t aware of the group, their new single will have you waiting with bated breath to hear the rest of the album. 

The new track is called “Nothing is Safe”, and it is a synth-dominated banger, commanded by Diggs himself who raps his ass off for pretty much the entirety of the five-minute track. The song goes absolutely bonkers at the 2:29 mark, and the intensity in Diggs’ delivery matches the heart-thumping production.

The high piano note that repeats throughout the track, along with the synth-heavy production makes this the musical equivalent of an early 80’s horror movie, and the morbid lyricism matches this as well. In fact, the lyric video down below heavily resembles the aesthetic of 1978’s Halloween.

The new album is due out October 18th, and is sure to be something special, featuring names like Benny the Butcher and Ed Balloon. Stream this fantastic single on Spotify here and check out the eerie lyric video down below!