Not Yo Opp – [Fo Guala]

Fo Guala and Rari Digital have both the streets of Newark, NJ and internet on fire this week with Guala’s latest visual for his frenzied new visuals to his track “Not Yo Opp” which quickly ran up fifty-thousand views in just a matter of days. Guala takes on an ostentatious instrumental driven by a hauntingly harmonious vocal sample overlaid atop characteristically chaotic percussion that allows the overall tone of the song to be somewhere between sinister and triumphant. His flows are passionate and animated establishing a mix of bravado and juvenescence that endears him to his young fans who can relate to his anger and restlessness. Fo Guala is certainly one of the many artists on the rise in New Jersey to keep an eye on and I hope he continues to keep his foot on the gas pedal for the remainder of 2022 and I would love to hear a full-project from him by the year’s end.