Not Sober – [The Kid LAROI] ft. [Polo G] & [Stunna Gambino]

The Kid LAROI is a star in every sense of the word, and that has been abundantly apparent for years, at this point. Despite his young age, he has overcome any odds that were placed in front of him, turning into one of the biggest names in music currently, and I couldn’t be happier for him. Just last night, he finally released the 3rd edition of his Fuck Love series entitled Over You, and while I have quite had a chance to give it a thorough listen, I was beyond happy with all of the singles thus far, and that’s not surprising to me at all.

Luckily, in order to celebrate the project’s release, LAROI decided to team up with Polo G, Stunna Gambino, and director Steve Cannon to shoot a music video for their amazing song “Not Sober”, so I couldn’t help but share it with you all. LAROI makes this a family affair, bringing out the entire hood no matter where in the country he seems to be. Opening up, he and Stunna are joined by a massive hoard of fans and friends outside of a tall building. As the hook plays and LAROI sings about smoking and drinking in a very addicting manner, that camera shows various individuals following along to his directions, proving that they’re all having the time of their lives.

Lil Bibby even joins in on the festivities here, making a cameo that is always welcome. When Polo G comes in, the two rappers find themselves on the top of a building standing on a helicopter pad as they continue to recite their lyrics and show off their expensive chains and diamond-studded jewelry. Finally, when Stunna comes in for the final verse, he finds some alone time in the back of a limousine in between shots of him with the entire crowd out front of the building in the opening scene.

While I can’t wait to listen to Fuck Love 3: Over You in its entirety, I already know we’re in for a treat, so I can’t wait. As for this visual itself, though, there might not be any crazy animations, scenes, or narratives, but that’s not what the point of the song is, so the music video couldn’t have come together better even if they wanted it to. One of my favorite parts is towards the end when the song itself cuts out and the crowd of people all sing along to the chorus, showing that they’re actually having an awesome time and it’s not just a show for the cameras. The Kid LAROI never misses, and when you put him on a song with Polo G and Stunna Gambino, it’s a certified hit before you even press play, so make sure you check out the brand-new music video for his song “Not Sober” before you listen to the rest of the project.