Not Regular – [Lil Yachty] ft. [Sada Baby]

Over the past year or so, Lil Yachty has seemingly found a second him in the Detroit music scene. Collaborating with a number of rising talents from the area, he has strangely yet thankfully fit in with some of the wildest and most unique personas that hail from the Motor City, and although I for one didn’t see this coming, I’m not complaining about it in the slightest, either.

Lil Boat and Sada Baby are definitely no strangers to each other, at this point, and I’m so excited that the dup decided to team up yet again and deliver a brand-new single and music video for their joint effort “Not Regular”. The title of the song makes total sense because neither artist can be considered normal or methodical, and when they get together, the results make this one hundred and ten percent clear.

A quick, chaotic instrumental is built through alarming, high-pitched synths, a deep baseline, and crispy percussion that allows both artists to speed up their deliveries and bring out some of their most energetic and charismatic bars to date. As Yachty begins to spit, his lines are beyond quick, and although it might be hard to decipher exactly what he’s saying at times, his lyrics just seem to roll off his tongue and ride out with the rhythm of the song nicely. Sada comes in shortly after, beginning with a more straightforward, aggressive delivery before unleashing his telltale charisma and elevating the tone of his voice to the point where he basically yells.

For those of you who have been following along with Sada’s career, this energy has been somewhat absent in recent months due to the fact that he’s been gifting us with some more malicious, gritty verses, but this kind of style is my personal favorite from the Michigan spitter, so I’m beyond pleased that he hasn’t let that sound go by the wayside. Both artists continually rotate throughout this offering, and the way Yachty’s bubbly voice comes off right next to Sada’s more gritty, ruthless bars is definitely the perfect juxtaposition that makes this song not only work but turns it into a hit without a doubt in my mind.

When it comes to the music video for this record, they don’t do anything too over the top, allowing their unique personalities and even more intriguing outfits to take the brunt of the work. Opening up with Yachty’s first part right off the bat, the two artists find themselves surrounded by their crew in some sort of unfinished basement or something of that nature, smoking blunts, drinking out of double cups, and dancing around, although obviously, Yachty distances himself from the first two activities.

Lil Boat is wearing a bright red durag that compliments his colorful sweater, and his large sunglasses shine right along with the plethora of diamond-studded chains draped around his neck. Although Sada’s outfit might be a bit more toned down, his animated facial expressions and always interesting dance moves make him shine like the star he is rapidly turning into. Other than this, the only additional setting shows the entire crowd shoved into a kitchen somewhere, keeping things simple and giving them the bare minimum to prove that they don’t need anything absolutely crazy in their music videos to bring this track to life.

I remember a few months ago I saw this music video teased on social media and I couldn’t wait to hear it in its entirety. Now that it’s in our hands, it was well worth the wait because this track goes so hard, it’s not even funny. Obviously, this style of production is closer to something Sada might be used to, so seeing Yachty get out of his comfort zone and still deliver some incredible bars is awesome to see. Along with this comes the announcement from Yachty that before the end of the year, he’s also planning on gifting us a brand-new project entitled Michigan Boat Boy, which I can only imagine will include a few of the abundant talents that are sprouting from the blossoming state. While I can’t wait to hear an entire project of records similar to this, I have absolutely no idea what to expect, so right now it’s just going to be a waiting game. While we hold our breath in anticipation, make sure to peep the brand-new song and music video from Yachty and Sada for their track “Not Regular”.