Not For Sale – [Femdot]

I don’t know about you, but I remember exactly when I fell in love with the music scene here in Chicago, and that’s a moment that changed my life forever. I remember walking home from a friend’s house at night back in high school when I came across Chance the Rapper’s hit song “Juice”, and after tuning in, nothing was the same. From here, I went down a rabbit hole of discovering new artists from the city, and after seeing just how complex and diverse this midwestern music hub truly is, there was no going back.

Back in the early 2010s was just one of the most remarkable moments in music in my own personal opinion, and even though things have changed, artists have grown, and new talents have emerged, I’ll never take that moment in time for granted for even a second. Despite the shift in sounds and styles over the years, there are currently a select few artists who have made it their mission to continue this city’s storied legacy with a narrative of their own, and Femdot is definitely at the very top of this list.

He pours his heart and soul into every single record he puts out, and he does so in a manner that is reminiscent of the music scene that I previously mentioned, so his records take me back to one of the greatest moments in hip-hop history while putting his own spin on things, so I couldn’t speak any more highly of him than I am. Being a local legend here in Chi-Town, Fem is someone who captured the music scene’s heart numerous years ago, and he has only continued to gain new fans and more notoriety, and I couldn’t think of someone who deserves the love more.

That’s why, now that his latest project Not For Sale is finally in our hands, I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all just as much as I’m sure Femdot is. On this project, Femdot rotates through some more introspective, reflective moments that were pivotal in his life, and even though his lyricism is always unbelievable, there is something about the songs on this tape that connect him to listeners more than ever.

He wears his heart on his sleeve whether he’s spitting on a fairly minimalistic instrumental or ruthless, hard-nosed beats, allowing his personality and passion to lead the way from start to finish. He has never been one to avoid difficult subjects or hide personal experiences with this project being no different, and it seems like we get to know more and more of him with every additional release, making him an artist that is not only insanely talented, but someone you feel like you’ve known for years even if you’ve never had the pleasure of talking to him personally.

If I went into specifics regarding each song on here, I would be writing for days, so I feel like it’s best left open for interpretation as you listen and form your own opinion on this wonderful project. The wait for Not For Sale might’ve felt like an eternity because of how excited we were, but now that it’s here, it was worth every single second of the wait. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Make sure you carve some time out of your busy day to indulge yourself in one of the greatest projects to come out of Chicago all year, and share it with a friend or two if you vibe with it even a fraction as much as I did.