Not Everybody Lives – [Kyle McCarthy]

Kyle McCarthy is an emcee based in Los Angeles, California who is making his debut today on our Lyrical Lemonade pages with the release of his video “Not Everybody Lives.” The first thing that caught my attention was the North Carolina A&T jersey Kyle is wearing. It’s not often you see people sporting things from Greensboro, North Carolina. The video reminded me of J. Cole’s video for the “Fall Off” which in fact now that I’m thinking of it I believe McCarthy is paying homage to the Carolina legend. The message in this video is one everyone should take in especially with everything going on in the world. Don’t take life for granted because you don’t know when everything will come to a halt or if you’ll even be able to travel to these places. Everybody lives life but it’s truly the people that are living life to the fullest that’s experiencing it.

Watch Kyle McCarthy’s video for “Not Everybody Lives” after the break for yourself below.