Nostalgia is Dead – [Cherele]

Florida hip-hop can pretty much be considered an entirely different genre, in my opinion, because it seriously sounds nothing like any other region in the world in terms of rap. I mean, there are so many people from Kodak Black and Hotboii to $NOT and Cochise who are making equally fantastic records, but they just sound nothing like one another which makes this such a diverse and flourishing wonderland for music. Depending on the day, I may say that one of these styles is my favorite over another, but regardless of the timing, I am a solidified fan of both types of rap that are coming out of the southern state, and it would be like picking a favorite child.

Different areas of Florida seem to produce different sounds, and even though Fort Myers is known for being a vacation destination more often than it is a hip-hop hub, Cherele is here to flip the script and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about that. Women in rap have totally shaken things up, and while there are a ton of different personalities in the industry regardless of gender, I truly think that Cherele just might be one person that you simply can’t ignore any longer. My first taste of her sound was her latest project Nostalgia is Dead”, a 9-song offering that lasts just over 21 minutes long, but there isn’t a single second of time wasted as she cuts right to the chase.

The instrumentals used throughout are lively and vivacious, but they almost seem boring compared to Cherele’s vibrant personality, and that’s truly saying something. She just takes every instrumental and rips it apart with her confidence and skill, leaving nothing left but a listener (aka me) in utter disbelief of the clinic she just put on. Just when you think the entire project is going to be full of bangers, though, she switches the vibe up on the penultimate track “Venus Interlude” thanks to the angelic vocals of Muvas Milk.

This serves as just enough of a break to get back in the swing of things for a final song that kind of meets in the middle between this cut and the rest of the heart rate rising tape. Cherele is set to perform at Rolling Loud next week in Miami, and while I would love to experience every single one of these records in person, I am just going to run it back on a loop while having severe FOMO about what is sure to be a performance for the ages.