Nobody – [Taz Money]

Florida is a place with such a unique sound overall, and while I find myself appreciating the music from this southern state more and more as time goes on, I do have a few minuscule qualms with the scene. It just seems like so many artists have made a career out of their trademark southern drawl, and while this isn’t a bad thing, artists like Kodak Black, 9lokknine, and HotBoii, amongst a few other prominent names, have already brought this sound to mainstream, and now there are so many up and comers who are trying to make that their claim to fame too.

Well, this doesn’t seem like something that is going away anytime soon, but that’s why I always try and tap in with the emcees who are truly going out of their way to differentiate themselves from these imitators. Out of everyone I’ve come across, Taz Money is making his own wave without relying on these telltale Floridian accents or other common sounds heard throughout that scene, and he has done an incredible job if I do say so myself.

The Tampa native made some serious noise with his EP Rookie of the Year, which is a name that is quite fitting for the rising star, and out of all the songs on this impressive project, the one record that truly showed me his versatility and star power was the fourth track “Nobody” which just received a visual treatment courtesy of Way2Frosty. This song’s instrumental is just undeniably infectious, and it’s not until he comes into spit that you realize he isn’t going to strictly rely on the beat to carry things because his personality, aggression, and all-around bars are just too exciting to dismiss.

In the video, things are kept simple and low-budget, but that seems to fit this song’s vibe flawlessly because once again, there doesn’t need to be any sort of over-the-top effects or edits in order for Taz to put on a show that everyone from his hometown as well as anyone else across the country will end up being fully entranced by. At this point, there’s no denying Taz’s uncanny skills and unforgettable demeanor, so I am extremely excited to see what else he has in store as his career continues to trend upwards!