Jack Gregory
Jack Gregory
3 Jun 2020

The past twelve months have seen a number of Atlanta artists make their debuts and initial noteworthy statements, with a litany of debut projects, visuals, and singles that have been rousing in a number of ways and have shown a tremendous deal of promise for the collective state of their hip-hop scene. However, many of these artists who make an initial break fail to fully capitalize on the moment they were given and more or less squander their opportunities to shine and as the main criticism of trap music is invariably its lack of longevity it is always encouraging to see an artist develop their own unique sound and style, sometimes years after they are first introduced to the rap world.

This was the case of Slimelife Shawty, who unfairly has been cast to the shadow of the YSL crew, initially being merely a “for fans of” artist associated with a number of the city’s bigger and more established street acts. He kept his nose to the grindstone and consistently fed the streets with new music, keeping himself quite relevant in the grand scheme of things despite clearly still being in the ‘dues-paying’ phase of a rap career. Singles accompanied by visuals for tracks like Slimelife’s “Back to the Basics,” “40 Bars,” or “Understand Me” featuring recent 4PF acquisition Rylo Rodriguez.

Recently, Slimelife Shawty unveiled a new mixtape entitled No Slime Left Behind which is certainly the most well-rounded and versatile that he has sounded on a project yet. Opening with “TalkToEm” Shawty makes it plainly clear that he has no intention of speaking anything but stories that are true to his life and he gives many grimacing details of his trials and tribulations in the streets over a regal and triumphant instrumental. Track three, “Street N—a Dreams” he recruited both Rylo Rodriguez and DT to accompany him on the guitar-powered beat that he slides over with his playful and conversational melodic flow where he essentially gives his personal mission statement and explains in more detail on what exactly it means to be “slime” which entails thick skin and resilience through hard times, which Slimelife Shawty is certainly no stranger to.

The highest-profile collaboration comes on track six which features a guest appearance from Chicago cornerstone Lil Durk whose own melodic street tales paved the way for an artist like Slimelife Shawty almost a decade ago. Another highlight is “No Worries” which is a SephGotTheWaves and 3LtheGod production which is one of the catchier hooks from the entire tape. No Slime Left Behind comes to a close with the Rylo Rodriguez’s second guest appearance on the track “Understand Me” and while the song preceded the project as a single it is still without a question the shining star from these thirteen tracks and is as good as you will hear both Slimelife Shawty and Rylo, whose “He bought a feature and I found out he a rat, I made my manager send his money back” lyric is one of the best lines from an artist who is beloved for his wild double-entendres and homonym punchlines. This was a fantastic project and I have absolutely zero doubt that Slimelife Shawty will be a major name in the music industry in the years coming.