No Return – [Polo G] ft. [The Kid LAROI] & [Lil Durk]

Ever since Polo G dropped Hall of Fame the other week, I can safely say that it has been pretty much on repeat almost every time I turn on music. While I find it hard to top The Goat because that was one of my overall favorite albums of the past 5 years or so, I feel like this album was as strong of a follow-up project as it gets, and I can’t wait to keep listening. Of all the records on the album, I found myself constantly reverting back to “No Return” featuring LAROI and Durkio, and a song with heavy hitters like this make it obvious why I keep coming back to it.

I know the music video came out right around the time that the project dropped, but I was on vacation, so now that I’m back, I simply couldn’t help myself in terms of talking about it and I need to make sure as many people on Earth see it, so if you haven’t already, let this be your sign. Directed by Mooch, Polo hangs out in an alleyway that is reminiscent of the alley from Grand Theft Auto. He waits for a bulletproof truck filled with allies wearing goat masks, and when they scoop him up, he puts on a goat mask of his own as well. Eventually, they pull up to his compound where he heads in, introducing us to a bunch of foreign cars and a group of lovely ladies mixing different liquids in flasks as if they were in chemistry class.

Later on, we’re taken to Polo’s office where he looks at all the security footage on a variety of screens overlooking his compound as he counts his money. For LAROI’s hook, he can be seen sitting around piles of money in an all-yellow jumpsuit or joining Polo in his office as he belts out his unbelievably catchy part. When Durk comes in, he literally finds himself in the trenches where he walks around, and special effects simulate fire and explosions above him. Finally, LAROI meets Durk in the trenches for his last chorus, vibing out with him as they finish the song and music video on a high note.

While it was clear long before this album dropped that Polo G was a superstar, I’m just beyond glad to see that he is finally getting the attention and respect that he deserves. His music is absolutely incredible, and part of the reason why is because of the stories that he goes so heavily into detail about. While it can never be easy for him, his tales of perseverance and triumph are absolutely remarkable, and Hall of Fame just further cements his legacy as one of the best to ever do it, and he’s just getting started. Since it’s been out for a while already, you might’ve already seen the music video for “No Return” but if you haven’t, make sure you tune in as soon as you can because you definitely won’t regret it.