No Reason (Lie to Me)-[Ok Tav]

I’d like to think that I have objectively good music taste, but half the time, I tend to just write about songs that I like; and today I’m back putting pen to paper for a song that I’ve been obsessed with as of late. Ok Tav is an up and coming artist who I discovered through my submissions email last week and he’s quickly become someone who I haven’t been able to stop listening to. I came across his track, “No Reason (Lie to Me)” and found myself replaying it over and over again.

From start to finish, this offering is utterly infectious. The production does a great job of creating a groove that carries throughout the song, while Ok Tav showcases his smooth lyrical flow and and subtle vocal talents. What I appreciate most is that Tav isn’t on this beat trying to imitate anyone else, but is truly just operating in his zone which is a breath of fresh air.

“No Reason (Lie to Me)” is a part of a bigger project by Ok Tav that I encourage you all to listen to as it just dropped towards the end of 2022. Make sure you tap in with this up and comer as soon as you have some time! Enjoy!