One metric by which the power of music can be measured is that of a given song’s ability to transport listeners. When a song can take you into a reality far from your own simply by its sound, then you know it’s a special one, just as is the case with Ariel Days’ latest song, “No More.” Combining a mesmerizing set of guitar riffs with some dreamy vocals, this song makes me feel like I’m floating away in a field somewhere, getting lost in the music even as I sit at my desk in my dorm room.

Simply thanks to the way that Ariel Days’ so vividly constructs a world of sound around their music, they’re able to communicate this transportive feeling in the most authentic of ways, making “No More” a must-listen for all of our readers out there, regardless of where they may be located. I promise you, this song has the ability to let you escape for a bit, so show some love and give it a try by listening at the link below!